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  • What is Cultural sustainability?

    What is Cultural sustainability?

    What is Cultural sustainability Cultural sustainability is a concept that refers to the ability of a culture or society to maintain and preserve its unique identity, traditions, and way of life over time. It involves ensuring that cultural practices, beliefs, and knowledge are passed down from one generation to the next, and that they are …

  • Imbadada - Traditional Zulu Sandals

    Before Up-cycling Was Cool

    Imbadada – A Short History IMBADADA MADE FOR ANDREW REID BY SAPPI WORKER IN 1990.HANDED TO A.REID Before up-cycling was a thing, Zulu people had been up-cycling tyres to make Imbadada. Imbadada are the traditional sandals, hand-made from tyres and screws, and are synonymous with Zulu men. Imbadada (casual sandals with a horizontal strap), should not be …

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